You may be thinking, what exactly is an 11th Month Warranty Inspection?

The simple answer is, it's the same as a normal residential inspection, except it is performed about a month before your one-year builder’s warranty expires.  This is your last chance to have repairs made to your home under warranty. 


Your inspection report should be forwarded to your warranty manager as soon as possible.  The warranty department should be able to take it from there.  They will assign professional tradesmen, likely already familiar with your builder, to your case.  You can just sit back and relax while the work gets done...for free.

The alternative is a bit more stressful, and probably looks something like this: You skip the inspection, let the warranty expire, and vow to address problems as they come up.  A problem eventually arises and now you're responsible for every aspect.  You have to find a trustworthy contractor, gather estimates, oversee the work, and pay for it out of your own pocket.  That sounds terrible doesn't it?  Let us help you instead and let the warranty department do what they have already been paid to do.

Let's talk more about what an 11th Month Warranty Inspection can do for you.

A FRESH SET OF EYES – Even if you had your new home inspected before closing, a fresh set of eyes may discover defects the previous inspector missed. 

BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY – You may have concerns about certain issues with your home, but are unsure about how to address them with the warranty department.  A home inspection report can address those concerns in a professional manner and lend instant credibility to your case.

THINGS CHANGE – Your first inspection was a “snapshot in time” as is the case for any inspection.  At the time, your home was brand new, the paint was barely dry, the caulking was fresh, and your foundation was perfectly level (hopefully).  If there were structural issues at the time, you probably wouldn’t even know it.  It takes time for these things to move and make themselves apparent.  Having a look again before your warranty expires is critical. 

GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR – Before you signed on the dotted line, you were extremely nervous, they told you not to worry, and that if there was anything wrong, they’d fix it.  The one-year warranty helped seal the deal.  You are now on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It’s only fair that they hold up their end of the bargain.   

PURSUIT OF PERFECTION – Most homebuyers who choose new construction, have certain expectations. One of the big ones being; they expect their brand-new house to be PERFECT.  Its brand-new, so why shouldn’t it be right?  We feel the same way. However, homes are built by people (lots of different people) and people make mistakes.  We want to help you get your new home as close to perfection as possible before the builder’s warranty expires.