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Modern design

Spectora gives home inspection reports the modern web-based experience clients and agents love. 


Clean and intuitive

Spectora reports are easy to read on web or mobile devices. Their web-based reports were built from the ground-up based on agent and client feedback.

Easy navigation

Sidebar navigation and jump links let clients and agents find the information they need quickly.

Quick contact links

While viewing your report, you can call or email us with the touch of a button.


Today's world is all about efficiency - Spectora reports prominently display images and videos that quickly clarify the nature of a deficiency.

Client- and agent-focused organization

Visual focus is on the client's and agent's top priority - the deficiencies. Descriptive information is available when a client needs it down the road.


Smart filters

Clients and agents can filter by high priority items, all deficiencies, or the full report. Give your clients the ease of seeing only what they need to.

Photo lightboxes

Clients can view any photo in a full-screen lightbox to examine those hard-to-see details.


Agent tools

Agents love helpful tools like the Repair Request Builder.

PDF output

Visually appealing PDF output for those wanting the low-tech approach.

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